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Christian Sprout Intercultural School offers school bus transportation to assist parents with their child's transportation to and from school. CSIS wants to provide safe and secure transportation for its students in as much comfort as possible. If you have questions about our bus service, please contact Mr. Lim, who coordinates our transportation service. (Tel: 031-265-9646)

By following the following rules, all students can be effectively served through the CSIS transportation service.

In order to be courteous to other students that are waiting at other stops, bus drivers can wait no more than 5 minutes for late students. If a student is not coming or will be arriving late, the student or parent should call the bus driver to tell them. Late students may be left and need to find other transportation to school.
It is imperative that students contribute to bus safety by followingall bus rules. Students who fail to follow these rules may bedenied transportation for a period of time.

Parents who would like to request bus transportation must complete and submit both the Bus Request Form and Bus Behavior Form to the Business Office. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children arrive safely at their bus stop in the morning and arrive safely at home from the stop in the afternoon. It is recommended that parents wait at the bus stop with their children and meet the bus after school.   Bus Request Form

  Bus Behavior Form